Judo Link is an international judo club with affiliates around the world to promote the martial art and sport of judo, linking people and culture through a shared passion of self-improvement through practicing judo.

Currently based in the U. S. Navy Support Site Fitness Forum in Gricignano d'Aversa (Caserta province), it is within a half hour drive from both center of Naples and Caserta. It is the only English instruction judo school in the Naples and Caserta area in Campania region. The Judo Link club is founded by head instructor Lincoln Han, the only American athlete who has trained judo full-time in Italy, to serve the military community of the Naples and Caserta area. Contact us if you are interested trying judo.

Often when someone hears judo, the first thing comes in mind is either a "judo chop" or "throws". In reality, while the competitive aspect of judo is often highlighted by spectacular throws, it is much more than that. In sport judo, there are no "chops". While mainly a grappling martial art that has an emphasis on balanced standing (throws) and ground (pins, joint locks and strangles) , it also has some striking component in its self-defense forms (kata). Furthermore, it is a philosophy; a physical and mental educational system, and for many a lifestyle.

Judo means different things to different people. People do judo for various reasons: sport, self-defense, fitness, lose weight, relieve stress, etc. Judo is a very comprehensive physical activity and regardless of your primary goal, you will likely find judo-related training suitable to achieve that. It is a suitable sport activity for people of all ages, especially children as it helps to develop coordination, balance, reaction speed, spatial awareness and most importantly - self-confidence, respect and self-discipline.

For adults who want to begin judo, it is not too late as there are many people who began judo in adulthood. It is a great way to get fit and learn self-defense. It is also fun! When it comes to free sparring and competition, we do both classical and current international rules. Our head instructor is an experienced player and competitor under both rules and can teach you to play well under either rules using the appropriate techniques and tactics.

A triangle hold and strangle at the 2010 Belgian Open (sankaku jime)
(Above) A triangle (sankaku jime) hold and strangle at the 2010 Belgian Open tournament. (Background) A Japanese player counters his Kazakh opponent with a pick-up throw (te-guruma) at the 2011 World Judo Championships in Paris.

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